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1 Scoring Method System Scoring Method System
Join the team and train on-and-off the course. Our Scoring Method system will create more confidence and improved performance. Guarantee to Lowering your scores.

  • 5 on-course & 5 practices
  • 4:1 ratio - (20 hours)
  • Same schedule week to week
  • 2 hrs. on course training
  • 2 hr. practices
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2 Adult Flex-Programs Adult Flex-Programs
Our 3 class type options with individual guidance will aid to improve ball-control, on-course decisions and self-management skills in all areas that will transfer your training to on-course.

  • Boot camps: full & short game
  • On-course training
  • Flex-week to week scheduling
  • one or two hours sessions
  • private lesson prior to enrollment
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