Junior Golf Programs


We offer our "play to learn" junior golf methodology creating the synergies between a child’s desire to explore physical – mental – social – movement outcomes as part of a richer, more empowering experience. Unless you first address the psychological state of a child (the emotional resonance or engagement), you are never fixing or empowering the traits.
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What is the Absence Policy?
It is vital that players are committed to their coaching programs, therefore we only allow 1 missed session every 12 weeks. However, they are granted attendance exemptions if their tournament schedule conflicts with a regularly scheduled coaching session. Players must email us at (ken@kengolflessons.com) one week in advance for their tournament schedule date to miss a class session for an excused absence. Or if your away on vacation with at least one weeks notice by email and or if your class is on a Holiday those missed classes are considered excused classes and are added on the end of your session package. All other missed classes are unexcused, similar to baseball, basketball etc. We feel this is a far agreement. We offer a small team environment with only 4-6 juniors for the highest learning curve with individual attention, improvements with weekly challenges and sharing life's values through golf. We have others on a waiting list for most of our classes and we appreciate your email when you miss a class even if it an unexcused class session so we can prepare for the class and juniors attending with more efficiently and less disruption.
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